Rutgers Dining Agreement 2023-2024

  • Raider Block Meal Plans are required for all first year undergraduate residents and are available to all students.

  • Scarlet Block Meal Plans are available to any student who is a non-first year undergraduate resident student.

  • The Commuter Meal Plan is available only to commuter students. Commuter students, however, may select any meal plan.

  • Rutgers-Newark Dining Agreement 2023-24

    Please Read Terms & Conditions Before Signing Below

    Rutgers-Newark Dining Agreement 2023-24

    Please note: The Dining Agreement may change based on changing circumstances regarding COVID-19 guidance.

    Section 1.1 Meal Plan Requirement:

    Meal plans are required for all first-year undergraduate resident students. Returning, transfer, commuter, and graduate students may select any meal plan.

    Section 1.2 Meal Plan Information:

    The Raider and Scarlet Block Meal Plan swipes can be used at Stonsby Commons and the Robeson Cafe. Flex dollars associated with the Block Meal Plans and the Commuter Meal Plan can be used at any open on-campus dining location, except for the Center for Law and Justice Café (CLJ Café). Meals are served when classes are in session as determined by the academic schedule of RU-N undergraduate colleges. Unused flex dollars, guest meals, and meal swipes do not roll over from semester-to-semester. Meal exchanges do not roll over from week-to-week.

    Section 1.3 Enrollment:

    Meal plan agreements are for the full academic year and are RENEWED AUTOMATICALLY for the SPRING SEMESTER. Meal plan offerings may change based on changing circumstances regarding COVID-19 guidance.

    Section 1.4 Payment:

    Meal Plan charges are added to each semester’s term bill. Non-Rutgers students must submit payment with a Dining Agreement.

    Section 1.5 Meal Plan Changes/Cancellations:

    Requests for changes to meal plans can be made through the second Friday in each semester by contacting Dining Services. If you withdraw, are de-registered from classes and/or cancel housing, YOU NEED TO CANCEL YOUR MEAL PLAN with Dining Services.

    Section 1.6 Refunds:

    If you voluntarily withdraw or are de-registered from classes, a partial refund of the meal plan charges will be given during the first twelve weeks of the semester. Charges will be pro-rated based on the number of days the individual is active in the plan and charged for the amount of flex dollars used prior to withdrawal. Students must contact Dining Services directly to seek approval of any proposed changes or cancellations to the meal plan.

    Section 1.7 RUIDs:

    RUID cards are for students’ personal use only and are not transferable. RUID cards are the property of Rutgers University and are subject to recall upon request.

    Section 1.8 Authorization:

    Only students with a RUID card and authorized guests may enter and use the facilities of university dining areas.

    Section 1.9 Identification:

    Students entering any university dining area are required to present their own valid RUID card. Other identification must be presented if requested by dining hall staff. An individual who refuses to show a RUID card will be considered a non-student and trespasser and thereby denied entrance and instructed to leave the premises.

    Section 1.10 Removal:

    No china, glass, silverware, or other Dining Services’ property may be removed from a dining area at any time. No food may be taken from the Stonsby Commons when in operation.

    Section 1.11 Soliciting:

    There shall be no soliciting or canvassing in the dining facilities without written approval from the Resident District Manager of Dining Services.

    Section 1.12 Courtesies:

    It is expected that students will be courteous to fellow students, faculty, staff, dining services personnel. Everyone must follow all COVID protocols in place. Anyone exhibiting disruptive behavior will be required to leave the premises.

    Section 1.13 Self-Busing:

    The dining contract provides for self-busing. All students and guests are required to return china, glass, and silverware to the dish drop.

    Section 1.14 Safety:

    Any action that jeopardizes the safety of other students is prohibited. Footwear must be worn to enter and remain in dining areas.

    Section 1.15 Alcohol and Drugs:

    Alcoholic beverages and drugs are not permitted in the dining area. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be required to leave.