Meal Plan Information Fall 2020

Meal Plan Information

Fall 2020

This year with COVID-19, the following modifications have been made to Dining Services.  Food selections for meals will include a choice of hot entrees (including vegan), grill items, deli, salads, fruit, dessert and beverages.  “Farmer’s Fridge and York Street Market” will be featured options.  Throughout the semester, specialty days will feature sushi, local vendor showcases and themes. Meals will be picked up in “to-go” containers from the Robeson Food Court in the Paul Robeson Campus Center.   The “On the RUN” convenience store will also be open.  Meals will be provided in disposable, compostable and recyclable containers, following current COVID safety guidelines.  Additionally, a registered dietitian is available for programming and scheduled consultations.


Note:  Later this semester mobile ordering will be implemented.

The following meal plans will be available to all students for the fall 2020 semester.


Block Meal Plans Number of Swipes Per Semester Flex Dollars Per Semester Price Per Semester
Scarlet 80 80 $175 $1,215
Scarlet 120 120 $150 $1,710
Scarlet 160 160 $125 $2,205
Commuter Plan $250 $250


    • All first year undergraduate resident students are required to have either the Scarlet 120 or the Scarlet 160 block meal plan. New, first year undergraduate students will automatically be assigned the Scarlet 160 block meal plan.
    • Returning, transfer, commuter and graduate students may select any plan or flex dollars.
    • Meal swipes do not roll over semester-to-semester.
    • Flex dollars can be used at any on-campus dining location.
    • Flex dollars do not roll over from semester-to-semester.

Flex dollars can be used at the following on-campus dining locations:

    • On the RU-N (convenience items), Paul Robeson Campus Center
    • Robeson Food Court, Paul Robeson Campus Center
    • Starbucks Coffee, Paul Robeson Campus Center or Rutgers Business School


All students may change meal plans through September 11, 2020 for fall semester. As a reminder, meal plans automatically roll over from fall to spring semester. Meal plans may be updated for spring 2021. Students have until January 29, 2021 to change or cancel a meal plan for spring 2021 (unless you are a first year undergraduate resident student for spring 2021). Meal plans can be added at any time.


Please contact the Dining Services Office,, 973.353.1274, or visit, with any questions.

Meal plans are subject to change based on changing circumstances regarding COVID-19 guidance.